EEPSEA Annual Conference 2020

Environmental Economics in Southeast Asia: Adaptation, Mitigation and Strategies for an Inclusive Green Development

09 – 11 December 2020

The 2020 Annual Conference of the Economy & Environment Partnership for Southeast Asia (EEPSEA) will be partial-virtually organized between December 09 and 11 in 2020 to discuss about transdisciplinary approaches into environmental economics and management issues in the Southeast Asia.

Keynote speakers

  • Anne-Sophie Crépin, Beijer Institute
  • Vic Adamovicz, University of Alberta
  • Eren Zink, Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok

Organizational arrangement
While the COVID-19 pandemic prevents researchers to travel abroad, EEPSEA provides domestic travel sponsorship for participants from Vietnam and Thailand to their venue meetings in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) or in Khon Kaen (Thailand). For the other countries, participants are invited to join the online conference.

Site for Annual Conference 2020: