Seed Grants for Proposal Development

You have an idea and are looking for a half million USD funding for your research project?
A $10,000 EEPSEA grant could help you prepare a qualified proposal for that project.

The Economy & Environment Partnership for Southeast Asia (EEPSEA) is pleased to announce a call for concept note for a seed grant which provides researchers in Southeast Asia the chance to develop a full research proposal in preparation to submit to potential funding agencies for larger research grant applications.


Researchers from EEPSEA member countries (i.e., Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam) are invited to submit their concept notes.


Research topics that apply the tools of economics and transdisciplinary approach in the analysis of policy-relevant environmental challenges are invited.

Suggested themes are (i) Climate change: Damage assessment and adaptation options for Southeast Asia, (ii) Designing behavioral economics tools for green growth strategy for Southeast Asia, (iii) Coastal and marine resources conservation for climate change resilience and poverty reduction in Southeast Asia, and (iv) Southeast Asian urban poor and the environment: Resilience, policy and institutional changes.


Chosen concept note will be funded for developing into a full research proposal that is ready to be submitted to potential funding agencies. Final output of this research seed grant will be a research proposal that may contain several general research objectives and work packages in 3 years or more.

EEPSEA funding for this seed grant, which would cover proposal writing, write-shops, seminars, scoping survey or brainstorming sessions, could be up to $US 10,000 (to develop proposal only, not for the full research). The expected duration for this seed grant is between 6-12 months.

Review of concept notes will be done as concept notes come in so interested applicants are encouraged to submit their concept notes soonest

All concept notes submission should be in MS Word format and following the EEPSEA Concept Note Format strictly. Priority will be given to research projects which apply the tools of economics, trans-disciplinary approach, involve in cross-country stakeholders with several big research objectives.

EEPSEA Concept Note Format


  • Step 1: Screening and reject concept note that is
    1. The topic is not in environmental and resource economics and not using transdisciplinary approach.
    2. The proposed scopes are limited in terms of studied sites (e.g. an area in a country)
  • Step 2: External review
    1. Director or Research Coordinator will send the proposals to relevant reviewers (member of research committee or senior economists in the region).
    2. Reviewers return comments
  • Step 3: Revision of concept note (If it is requested, sent back to the applicant for revision)
  • Step 4: Selection decision
    1. Revised concept notes and comments from reviewers will be sent to executive committee members
    2. Executive committee members evaluate proposals. Criteria for evaluating a proposal: (1) research quality (40%); (2) research experiences of principal investigator and the team (20%); (3) policy relevance (20%); (4) Transdisciplinary and transnational characteristics (20%).
    3. Executive Committee Vote. Decision rules based on majority.
    4. If equal vote, EEPSEA Director will decide.
  • Step 5: Release of funding (70%)
  • Step 6: Proposal development
  • Step 7: Submission of proposal
  • Step 8: Release of funding (30%)